What are the user roles and how do I change them?

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Contently provides five user roles with different permission settings that each user can have. Users can also have different permissions on different Publications if needed. These roles can also be customized based on your needs. 


What user roles does Contently offer?

Below is a breakdown of all the following user roles Contently offers and what permissions they grant. 


  • Owner: An account administrator, can see and do anything. With great power comes great responsibility.


  • Manager: A user who can write, edit, and review content from other users as well as their own.


  • Collaborator: A user who is part of the end of the workflow, once final drafts of the stories have been submitted. Collaborators are able to approve submitted stories or request revisions. This role is usually used for members of your marketing or legal team that need to review stories before they're published.


  • Observer: A user who has access to all stories, but is only able to perform a limited set of actions (e.g. submit pitches, comment on pitches and stories, upload story assets).

    Contributor: A freelancer, usually the one that produces stories based on the content brief.


How do I update a user's User Role?


You can update the user role of any user as long as you're an Owner or Manager on that Publication. To do so, just go to your Publication Settings, then to User Management. Once there, you can click on the user you want to edit. 


On the next page, you'll see a dropdown menu under "role" (see below). Select the new user role you want that user to have and then click the "Save" button. If you don't see this option and think you should, please email Support@contently.com.



Example of a customer's customized user roles:

user roles


To change the settings for each user role, you can click on "Publication settings" and then click on "User management" on the left sidebar. Underneath "User management," you'll find "User roles."


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